We spoke to a gorgeous escort from one of the top Birmingham Escorting Agencies out there today and she told us a few home truths about escorting and advised us that although it’s not for everyone it can be a very rewarding job both financially and personally for many reasons. Our lady told us about how escorting has changed her life for the better in so many ways that she would never look to going back to the dreaded nine to five slog that the rest of us are stuck with. Mrs. X (so-called for identity reasons) talked about her first experience as an escort working in the Birmingham area -I was so very nervous I felt sick, I was wearing the skimpiest outfit I could find and made up the max. My heart was beating fast and I knew I had sweaty palms! ‘Great!’ i thought – who is going to want a sweaty escort lol?!’ My client was told I was now which is what attracted him to one in the first place but that didn’t make me feel any better. He made me a drink and we sat down on his huge living room on his huge sofa.

We talked for at least 20 mins and he made me feel at ease, He asked me to massage him which I was happy to do as felt like I was running low on small talk, Once I started massaging him it just seemed to flow from there and before I know it his two hour slot was over and I was on my way home! The second booking I did was totally different, the guy just wanted to be ‘relieved’ so to speak and there was little to no conversation at all, each and every booking is different, you just need to remember your boundaries and do not let anyone pressure you into anything you are not happy with and you are all set!

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