We were lucky enough to sit down with one of the most gorgeous Milton Keynes Escorts operating today, She is hotter than hot and has been nice enough to tell us her story of how her life as a Milton Keynes Escort began. Kelsie was just 19 when she began her career as an escort, she only started as she has just had to leave her bar job due to transport issues.  As the bar job was her second source of income which topped up her minimum wage as a trainee hairdresser as she was in the process of a college course to become a beautician, she found herself panicking about how she was going to live from then on Kelsie stumbled upon an advert in her local Milton Keynes newspaper which stated ‘Escorting – Would You Like To Be Your Own Boss?’ Kelsi jumped at the chance and thought if she did it as a stop-gap in between her previous bar job and finding another part-time job more suited to her commute etc it would be great.

LIttle did Kelsie know what the future held. ‘After my first 4 bookings I had made just under £1,200 which I was amazed at, I gave my own terms and hours of work and it worked like a dream. So my short term income solver became my full-time employment almost overnight! I continued to work on my college beautician course until I had passed, I could afford all of the nice trips arranged by the college which I would have never even thought twice about if I had still been working at the bar as I could never have afforded it! My life seemed to change in the blink of an eye. No longer did I have to worry about money, bills, college equipment and books as I was finally financially stable and happier than I had been in years! I know scoring isn’t for everyone but now my college course is all done and dusted and I have the qualifications I wanted I am saving for a deposit on a house with plans to open my very own salon next year and it is all thanks to my career as an escort. I would not change anything now and if anyone ever asks me if escorting is a good way to make money I would say YES YES YES!’ 

We are very grateful for the time Kelsie has taken to come and talk to us about her story, We think she is not only an inspiration but she is an absolute stunner too! 

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