We were lucky enough to sit down with one of the most gorgeous Milton Keynes Escorts operating today, She is hotter than hot and has been nice enough to tell us her story of how her life as a Milton Keynes Escort began. Kelsie was just 19 when she began her career as an escort, she only started as she has just had to leave her bar job due to transport issues.  As the bar job was her second source of income which topped up her minimum wage as a trainee hairdresser as she was in the process of a college course to become a beautician, she found herself panicking about how she was going to live from then on Kelsie stumbled upon an advert in her local Milton Keynes newspaper which stated ‘Escorting – Would You Like To Be Your Own Boss?’ Kelsi jumped at the chance and thought if she did it as a stop-gap in between her previous bar job and finding another part-time job more suited to her commute etc it would be great.

LIttle did Kelsie know what the future held. ‘After my first 4 bookings I had made just under £1,200 which I was amazed at, I gave my own terms and hours of work and it worked like a dream. So my short term income solver became my full-time employment almost overnight! I continued to work on my college beautician course until I had passed, I could afford all of the nice trips arranged by the college which I would have never even thought twice about if I had still been working at the bar as I could never have afforded it! My life seemed to change in the blink of an eye. No longer did I have to worry about money, bills, college equipment and books as I was finally financially stable and happier than I had been in years! I know scoring isn’t for everyone but now my college course is all done and dusted and I have the qualifications I wanted I am saving for a deposit on a house with plans to open my very own salon next year and it is all thanks to my career as an escort. I would not change anything now and if anyone ever asks me if escorting is a good way to make money I would say YES YES YES!’ 

We are very grateful for the time Kelsie has taken to come and talk to us about her story, We think she is not only an inspiration but she is an absolute stunner too! 

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We spoke to a gorgeous escort from one of the top Birmingham Escorting Agencies out there today and she told us a few home truths about escorting and advised us that although it’s not for everyone it can be a very rewarding job both financially and personally for many reasons. Our lady told us about how escorting has changed her life for the better in so many ways that she would never look to going back to the dreaded nine to five slog that the rest of us are stuck with. Mrs. X (so-called for identity reasons) talked about her first experience as an escort working in the Birmingham area -I was so very nervous I felt sick, I was wearing the skimpiest outfit I could find and made up the max. My heart was beating fast and I knew I had sweaty palms! ‘Great!’ i thought – who is going to want a sweaty escort lol?!’ My client was told I was now which is what attracted him to one in the first place but that didn’t make me feel any better. He made me a drink and we sat down on his huge living room on his huge sofa.

We talked for at least 20 mins and he made me feel at ease, He asked me to massage him which I was happy to do as felt like I was running low on small talk, Once I started massaging him it just seemed to flow from there and before I know it his two hour slot was over and I was on my way home! The second booking I did was totally different, the guy just wanted to be ‘relieved’ so to speak and there was little to no conversation at all, each and every booking is different, you just need to remember your boundaries and do not let anyone pressure you into anything you are not happy with and you are all set!

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Is it true that you can be an escort these days without the need to perform sexy for your clients? NO, I hear you scream – well you would be wrong about that! We have been meeting more and more escorts who are happy to say that they can fulfill their job role as a modern-day escort without the need of performing any kind of sexual activity for their clients. We didn’t believe it either at first but if you read on perhaps you will have your mind changed as we did after talking with a few escorts in the UK.

We spoke to one independent escort who told us that her client base is mainly made up of the older professional clients and also of retired clients who simply enjoy having a good looking escort to conversate with and buy nice things for! One escort told us that she only has 4 main clients who are all of retirement age. She simply accompanies them to the opera, nice meals, and shows in exchange for pay. No sexual favors are ever asked for as most of these types of clients simply crave the female attention they are no longer getting at home due to divorce, windowing or time issues. Most just want to feel like they are center of attention which is something their home lives are lacking! It is truly unbelievable to think that some men are willing to pay £1000 per meet up with an escort rather than making their relationships with their partners work better! One lovely lady even told us one of her clients pays her £1200 for a two-hour booking where he usually pays for dinner and takes her to the opera, he gets snaps of the two of them enjoying their time together to show to his wife – madness!

So, in short, the answer to the Non-Sexual Escorting question is YES it does happen – mad but true! I have read an article on New York Post which elaborates this topic more. 

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